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We offer a new level of coaching in the Benelux.
Often you see in great championships like UFC, IFL, MFC-M1, Pride FC, CFC, Cage Warriors, FFC, UWC, ... an arsenal of trainers behind one Warrior.
They have a boxing-, muay Thai- and BJJ-coach, also a doctor, diëtist, personal fitness and cardio trainer in their corner.

In Belgium, unfortunately, we haven't reached this level yet!
It costs too much to have them all in your corner.

Together with our passion is that the reason why we offer semi-professional and professional warriors an all-in-one package of training and acknowledgment for a reasonable price.

Joffrey Hion is a great mix fight coach.
He can give the fighter and/or the coach new material to work with... He trained and lived with the best in America.

Roel Veys offers much information about what, when, why en how to eat and to bring in supplements in your meal schedule. 
Also he's the one who takes care of your fitness profile. 

He's a performance trainer.

Together they can blow your training over your limits,

They prepare you to become ...

... The Ultimate Warrior!

Also we offer seminars and training days:

In each seminar we combine this 2 chapters in an 8 hours work-out.

To book a seminar in your class or federation,
contact us via: info@mixfightandnutrition.com
call: O (O32) 498/517972

to subscribe for a seminar,
Check out the seminar page to see where and when we give training!