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Bodog is in the first place one of the greatest companies in purchasing digital multimedia.
Because of his sympathie and passion for the sport MMA, he started a championship " Bodogfight".

In this concept, he signed up the Russian Red Devils to compete at his selected american Bodogfight team. This team is chosen in a television show, named :

" Bodogfight: Costa Rica I ". 

14 American fighters were selected after audition to fight each other in Costa Rica. The last 7 fighters, still on there feet, can compete against a Red Devil. The most wanted fighter of the red Devils is Fedor Emelianenko. One of the best MMA fighters ever in the world.

For now, 5 seasons like this were created. They were held in Costa Rica (3 times), Sint Petersburg(Russia), New Jersey (USA).

The last thing were Bodogfight came out with, was " The Vault ". A look a like fight night like UFC. In a cage, MMA warriors compete to be the best!




Calvin Ayre is the creator of this concept.