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Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), sometimes known as no holds barred (NHB) or cage fighting.

Mixed martial arts is best described as a mixture of all the martial arts, it's a general term used to describe the convergence of striking, grappling and submission techniques into one form, whereby fighters can submit their opponents.


For thousands of years, the martial arts were shrouded in mystery and deceit. Secrets were jealously guarded, while blood-curdling claims were made of lethal techniques and even special powers. Each style or system asserted that is was the best, its masters unbeatable. Only a few individuals, most notably the late Bruce lee, dared to question the way traditional arts were taught.


Then came the Gracies, a large extended family from Brazil, they discovered that real fights were rarely won by leaping kicks or intricate hand movements. To prove their point, they offered to take on anyone, of any style (this was named the Gracie challenge) and won repeatedly by taking their opponents to the ground and forcing them to submit.


When the Gracie challenge was picked up by an innovative US Television Company called SEG Entertainment; a new sport was born. The ultimate fighting championship made its debut in Colorado in 1993 and turned the martial arts world on its head. By matching experts in different arts against each other in a realistic setting, it exploded many of the myths about unarmed combat.


Black belts and flashy moves proved no match for the skill and technique of a need breed of fighter.

In less than a decade, no-holds-barred fighting has gone from a novelty spectacle to a World wide sport.


It has produced athletic superstars like Royce Gracie, frank shamrock, Maurice smith and Tito Ortiz. On the way it has also attracted massive condemnation from the media and politicians and run the gauntlet of police raids and banning orders. Its now here in London cage rage has landed and its about to go main stream.