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What is Cage Rage Contenders ?

These are CAGE RAGE shows on a smaller scale, currently held in London City and the rest of England. Cage Rage Contenders' fighters are at the top of their game.

Many British fight teams with varying martial art disciplines will be making a stand to prove they are worthy of appearing on the main Cage Rage Championships fight card at Wembley Arena.

CR Contenders is where the journey begins for the new 'breed of fighter' with the attitude of ‘Never Say Die’ and the will to put it all on the line to prove their skills and to give the crowd a Real show.



We know there are many young talented fighters out there and we wish to give them a fitting chance at the glory.

Cage Rage Contenders is the platform where new fighters show their skill, guts and determination.

Selected amongst hundreds of applicants, the chosen ones will 'battle it out' in the Cage to impress and hopefully land their dream spot of entering the Cage Rage Championships mega card at Wembley Arena.

Their ambition – TO WIN
Their objective – TO IMPRESS
Their goal – TO PERFORM
Their passion –

The fighters will 'rough it out' through three, five minute rounds under Cage Rage Championships rules to prove their worthiness to not only the promoters, but also to their ever increasing fan base.

Cage Rage Contenders is the newest fight show to go National and is brought to you by selectively chosen Fight Promoters from around the country.

With the VIP surroundings, pumped up hopefuls and raw aggression, Cage Rage Contenders will be an event that fight fans will not want to miss.

Don't miss the amazing atmosphere at these contenders events -- the girls, the Cage Rage stars, and most of all, the full contact fights.