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History of Elite

Martial arts have been around for many centuries. Its form of self defense and personal fitness has been grasped and accepted by many around the world. True fighters have learned and perfected this art in the form of many disciplines. It is now that in the 21st century we endorse this form of combat by showcasing it in mainstream events known as Mixed Martial Arts.

From this though there was still heavy speculation in regards to whether or not this form of martial arts will be truly accepted as an art form or even yet a sport. There was no absolute single form of martial arts that would completely dominate this sport. But, as the years went by these fighters would learn to adapt and apply several forms of discipline known now as Mixed Martial Arts. To become a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, one has to use their ability to not only fight with their body but also with their minds. Stronger and Smarter are what the fighters are becoming today through proven and experienced training techniques. What will separate these new Mixed Martial Arts fighters with an ELITE fighter? EVERYTHING!

A Vancouver team of very successful and enthused business and martial arts professionals with over 12 years experience in fight promotions have come forth. They have developed a business and spectator opportunity and assembled an accomplished league, governing body, board of referees, and stringent rules and guidelines to add structure to, what is considered, this “renegade” sport. Their endeavor is to instill spiritualism and fairness of play in Mixed Martial Arts through the “ELITE Fighting Championship”.

An ELITE fighter will be quicker on their feet, stronger with their striking, and a technician on the ground. The “total package” is the title given to an ELITE fighter. This new brand of ELITE fighters will emerge into the ring conquering all that they will come across. These ELITE fighters will not only perfect the Martial Arts form but will set the new standards for Mixed Martial Arts.

The ELITE Fighting Championship will give you the most entertaining and authentic fighting experience in the world!

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Elite Executives

Rob Harris
Rob Harris

Business Experience:
- Licensed Realtor in BC
- 10 years experience in business management

Fight Promotion Experience

- Co-Founder of NFC (National Fighting Challenge)
- 11 years experience in live fight event promotions

Personal Fighting Experience:
- Competitive background in boxing and martial arts

"Life is great! I have always been passionate when it comes to martial arts, so being involved in this project is very gratifying to say the least. As a past fighter turned promoter I realize the importance of respecting the talented fighters in this sport.

My goal is to showcase this talent in a fashion where the fighter, the fan and our valued corporate sponsors all succeed. In my opinion, with the exciting action within Mixed Martial Arts, there are no limits to the growth of this sport."

Mike Hammoud

Fight Promotion Experience:
- Co-Founder of NFC (National Fighting Challenge)
- 12 years experience in live fight event promotions

Personal Fighting Experience:
-Instructor of full contact karate and kickboxing for over 20 years
- Martial arts training from the age 9 including 14 professional fights

"I left my birthplace of Beirut, Lebanon with my wife and young son, for a better life in Canada, back in 1988. I started in Canada as a martial arts instructor for elementary kids in North Vancouver and have continued doing so to this day.

Matchmaking is my real expertise as well as my passion. It takes a clear mind to match fights correctly as fighters put their faith and trust in your hands. As a past fighter myself, I treat all fighters as if they were my own students. Matching evenly skilled opponents in order to create exciting entertainment in a safe enviroment is my ultimate goal."