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The Ultimate Coaching founders,
met each other in 2007 when Roel started to train in the Defcross Martial Arts school.
Soon, Joffrey & Roel, started to share dreams and ideas.
The growing popularity of MMA in America, Russia, Austria and Germany gave this two the opportunity
 to bound forces!

They both have their expertises and together Roel & Joffrey can offer 
an Ultimate Training!

In first instance they decided to create a concept that makes it possible
to experience Mixed Martial Arts in the Benelux.

The seminars are born.

The structure of each upcoming seminar will be:
Part I: 
  • conditioning
  • work-out
  • warrior - stretching
  • presentation about nutrition
  • supplement tests
Part II
  •  MMA Thai- & kick boxing
  • MMA clinch & take down
  • MMA groundfighting
In this way, we try to offer the whole package where MMA is really about!
The first seminar we will teach the basics of every aspect.
And in the following seminars we build further on it.
In that way, real warriors can learn from each seminar and become 
and Ultimate Warrior!
Each seminar we offer also a T-shirt, syllabus and certificate of the day. 
costs: 50 euros: all day (all in) or 30 euros: half day.
If your gym, competitor, trainer,... don't matter who is interested to learn,
you have to check out the seminar information.
to inscribe or to book an Ultimate mixfight & nutrition Day in your place. 
In second instance, The Ultimate Coaching, is exited to bring competitive warriors
in the Mixed Martial Arts scene to a new level!
We make it possible to "pimp" your physics, condition, flexibility and Martial Arts skills.
So, If you decide to train with us,
we train the warrior and the trainer together, so they have new material to work with! 
Our idea is to bring Mixed Martial Arts in Europe
 to an higher stage to compete with the dominant continents!
If your gym, competitor, trainer,... don't matter who is interested to work with us,
you have to check out the training offers.
And remember:
 our meaning is to work together
No competition!
except in the cage or the ring... 

tel: 0 (032) 498.517972