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М-1 Challenge

M-1 Challenge is a series of events planned to be held in different places of the Earth where 10 best MMA clubs compete against each other.The Challenge introduced by Vadim Finkelstein presents an international team competition among young prospective fighters who aspire to gain more experience and prove themselves at the international level. The most talented ones will earn an opportunity to be chosen to partake in major M-1 events. The teams consist of 5 athletes (in every weight class), one trainer and one coach. Every participating country brings two complete teams which then compete against each other. Every team members fights at least 4 times totally. As of yet, 2008 Challenge has been started and the Grand Finale is scheduled for the end of the year.
The teams are split into the two groups:
Group A: 1.Russia (Red Devil), 2.France, 3.Korea, 4.Finland, 5.USA.
Group B: 1.the Netherlands, 2.Spain, 3.Russia (Legion), 4.Japan, 5.World Star Team.

M-1 Challenge schedule will set the teams to compete against every other team put in the same group. The winners of the brackets will collide in the finals and only one team crowned as the M-1 Challenge winner will be awarded with considerable money prizes and, of course, M-1 Global contracts.

Eventually, each group will have its winning team so that two finalists will collide during the Grand Finale. As an extra incentive M-1 gives $50.000 USD extra bonus to the winner of M-1 Challenge 2008.
The Dutch and Russian parties are responsible for the overall organization. Participating are also the teams from France, Finland, Japan, Korea, USA, Spain.
Representing the Netherlands among other athletes are Gegard Mousasi, Jessie Gibbs and Jason Jones. Mousasi is probably the most well-known of the three, anyway Gibbs and Jones are considered quite talented prospects.
As for the Dutch fighters like Ricardo Wondel (+93), Jason Jones (-83) and Romano de los Reyes (-73), this is an opportunity of a lifetime when you get one unique chance to acquire experience of international level.
The French team is not shy of the talent, too. Heavyweight Komodo, Pride veteran David Baron and a huge talent in Carl Amoussou.
Then comes the Red Devil team under the guidance of none other than Fedor Emelianenko. Erik Oganov and Kirill Sidelnikov have already gained popularity in their home country and will undoubtedly provide extra adrenaline in your veins.
The main person responsible for arranging M-1 Challenge events overall is Vadim Finkelstein. Bertrand Amoussou will put on the show in France while Apy Echteld will be responsible for Dutch M-1 Challenge events and Shinoda Sotaro will arrange the shows on the Japanese soil.
12 tournaments are scheduled to take place in 2008. The teams competing in M-1 Challenge are comprised of young aspiring and promising fighters from different countries: Japan, Korea, Russia, USA, Brazil, Finland, Holland and France.

The rules for M-1 Challenge:
A bout consists of 2 rounds 5 minutes each and 90 seconds rest between the rounds. Knees are allowed stand-up. In parter only knees to the body are allowed. It's forbidden to strike a downed opponent while standing. Elbow strikes are only allowed to the body and legs. During the bout a fighter can get 3 warnings whereafter he'll be disqualified.


Red Devil FT

Russian professional mixfight team.

The team was founded in 1996. Till this very day it’s still the only Russian pro-team in the world of MMA. It has its own training base where team members can train and prepare for the mixfight tournaments.

Today it consists of more then 40 professional athletes in different cities and regions of Russia. Moreover, European department was opened in 2004. Several European top-level fighters have signed contracts with Red Devil FT – Europe.

Red Devil FT members have taken part in every prestigious mma-event in every part of the globe.

However, the major significant success was reached when Red Devil management signed the best mma fighter of the world – Fedor Emelianenko.

Today Red Devil FT is one of the best teams sharing Olympus of the leadership in the mma-world with such famous teams as Brazilian Top Team, American Top Team, Gracie Barra Team (Brazil), Golden Glory (the Netherlands).