Masters Fight Night - Cage Fight

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 MFN is a MMA concept in a cage as well.  The cage has the same size of the UFC-octagon. The fighters come from around the globe to compete in the german cage. With Cage Rage one of the biggest cage competitions of Europe.

The new MFN MFN-Cage is finished! The Octagon is with approx.. 8 meters diameters one of the large Cages, like that the UFC! The promotors of the MFN did not avoided costs to let provide this really professionally made cage! - The first Stars from international and german sports, film and television confirmed their presence on the Masters Fight Night on 26 March. Thus equal a respectable framework on the first large German Cagefight Event!

exemple: 17.03.2005 UFC and Pride Fighter at the MFN CAGE FIGHT

Further Special Guests announced at the MFN Cage Fight Event! MMA pioneer and UFC legend Remco Pardoel as well as the Pride Fighter Bob Schrijber from Holland and germanys Ralf Seeger will be present on 26 March 2005 in the Rhein Ruhr Arena (5000 Spactators capacity) in Duisburg as special guests! - RAP FAN'S attention! Some star from the German Rap scene also participate at the show program: Eko Fresh and the German Dream All Stars, Akay of the group Overground, Manuell v. Sandy, Valeska, - B Tight and Sido of the group Aggro Berlin! They will taken a show in the Cage! - further the Sat 1 actor Michael File and "Eins Live" moderator Klaus Fiehe announced themselves! Thus a considerable framework is created on the first large German Cagefight Event, because still further Promis are present: Mola Adebisi, Ebby Thrust, Didi Hegen, Daniel Aminati, TV series star from "under us", Guenter Peter (former box champion), Nandini Mitra (host Fit for Fun TV), Mary Amihere (Model/Playmate 2004) - The rock group Crow7s gives music and show inserts on the Masters Fight Night and will present a particularly for the MMA scene written new Song! - The supergirls of the Tollhaus Solid Gold in Duisburg were obligated as Ringgirls. - Admission fees: Advance booking loft 17 Euro; Grandstand 27 Euro; Parquet 45 Euro; Ring 65 Euro; VIP tables A 4 persons and A 6 persons of inclusive all beverages and large Bueffet.