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Why choose NFPT? Whether you're just starting out or growing your personal training or health club business, this NFPT program will provide you with a comprehensive education, business tools and more importantly, the right support to make you successful as a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer either working on your own, or in a health club setting!

This personal trainer certification program offers a unique research-based curriculum. The refreshing and extremely comprehensive education approved by our Board far surpasses that of other text books. The NFPT Study Guide is one of the most extensive in the industry complete with worksheets, chapter outlines, program design scenarios, assessment forms and guidelines, 320 practice questions, and more! You also receive standard consultation guidelines for professional screening in the NFPT Manual! Let NFPT guide you step-by-step down the path to success providing the "start to finish" support that you deserve!

What is NCCA Accreditation? NCCA is a 3rd party governing body whose function it is to impose certification standards and identify quality programs to candidates and the public that are in strict compliance and produce valid, competent, and worthy personal fitness trainer graduates. This process is emerging in our profession as the legitimate standard. Accreditation in other professions is actually required of licensing (certifying) agencies! Through NCCA accreditation, the bar is finally being raised to a level respected by allied health professions, more quickly leading to patient referrals and eventual insurance reimbursements for fitness training services!

How does NCCA Accreditation benefit you? NCCA accreditation of certifications serves and protects YOU the candidate and the public by requiring certifiers to comply with exam validation, accountability, and protocols proving graduates have truly earned their certification! In addition, health clubs are being offered reduced insurance rates if their trainers are certified by an accredited organization. So holding an accredited certification will set you above other job applicants.

Looking for a leader? Someone you can trust? Looking to the future? You have arrived! Our Federation takes care of its own. Trust us. You won't be disappointed!

Simple Certification Process: With your initial materials you will receive a letter listing the (5) test sites located closest to you as well as exam scheduling procedures. These exam procedures are as easy as calling a test site location and setting up your test date appointment. There are over 300 professional testing sites across the country with one located near you. If you are located at too great of a distance from a site, simple arrangements will be made so that your exam can as easily be taken in your own home town.

Ongoing Education Process: Other credible certifying agencies require extensive traveling each year at considerable expense that is NOT included in their stated fees. The minimum continuing education requirement of NFPT certified fitness professionals is provided through secure online testing in the months of June & December (after your first year of certification), for an annual administrative fee of only $85. This makes NFPT's accredited program the most affordable available.