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Real Fighting Championships, Inc. was formed by Joe Valdez & Jason Freyre in October of 2004. RFC’s first event, on February 18th., 2005 was the beginning of a new Tampa Bay tradition. RFC is committed to bringing top ranked professional fights to the bay area and other cities in Florida.

Joe Valdez is a native of Tampa, and has been around the fight game for many years. His knowledge will show in his ability to bring you exceptional fights as a veteran in matchmaking.

Jason Freyre grew up in New York City and has been a resident of Florida for over 30 years. Jason is also the President of Jason’s Hauling, Inc. and has been in business for the past 15 years. His dedication in business shows he too is devoted to bringing top ranked fights for all fight fans to enjoy.

RFC solely promotes Mixed Martial Arts, No Holds Barred fights. MMA demonstrates fighting styles such as kick boxing, grappling, ju-jitsu, judo and many more. No Holds Barred (NHB) definition is very limited rules. Every thing goes except, eye gouging, kicking to the head, and biting.

RFC hosts several events per year. Check out our calendar for the next event, or get on our mailing list under “contact us” to receive announcements of upcoming events.