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Roel Veys:

Founder of: The Ultimate Mixfight & Nutrition Coaching
(co-founder: Joffrey Hion)

Background of Roel Veys:

Personal performance trainer since 2004
Strength and Cardio trainer since 2005
Weight trainer since 2006

Nicolas Vits
Intermolecular nutrition science
founder of sportstarget
Belgian head-distributor of PhD supplements

National federation of Personal Trainers (N.F.P.T.)
Certification Personal Trainer

Martin Rooney
Founder of training for warriors
performance coach of the 2007 IFL Champion NY Pit bulls

And much more...

Soccer outdoor in Belgian competition 1992 - 2002
soccer indoor national division 2000 - 2003
Body - building/power training 2004 - 2006
Performance, weight and strength training since 2005
Running & cardio training since 2005

Martial Arts background of Roel Veys:

Jeet Kune Do student since 2007(trainer: Flavio Riuz Van Hoof - F.A.M.A.)
kali escrima student since 2007(trainer: Flavio Riuz Van Hoof - F.A.M.A.)
Mixfight student since 2008(trainer: Joffrey Hion - F.A.M.A.)
muay thai/Kick boxing student since 2008(trainer Joffrey Hion - F.A.M.A.)


Roel Veys 2008