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The Ultimate MIXFIGHT & NUTRITION Day Vol II: Courage is the second all-in-one package we offer in one seminar, for 8 hours.
Again, we bring the nutrition, the work-outs for conditioning & strength and Mixed Martial Arts together.
This way, we are able to show you what Mix fight is really about!
Especially for people who takes their physic and skill levels serious.
Amateur, semi-professional or professional fighter, the seminar is a perfect example of what you have to do to be an Ultimate Mix fighter!
At lunch, we prepare you a well balanced meal, to refuel your battery for the last 4 hours of the day!

Also we offer the opportunity to try supplements to increase focus, energy, power, conditioning and recuperation.

When and Where?

31 January of 2009
Body fit - Yakuza gym
Leopoldstraat 131b
2578 Duffel
015/31 73 57

We offer?

- Warming up -
- Power and muscle work-out -
- Complex training -
- Endurance, strength and condition work-out -
- Nutrition presentation -
- Supplement information -
- lunch, (sport)drinks and supplements of PhD nutrition-
- MMA Thai- & Kick boxing technicals, drills and sparring -
- MMA clinching & take downs technicals, drills and sparring -
- MMA ground fighting technicals, drills and sparring -
- The Ultimate mixfight & nutrition Coaching T-shirt, certificate & syllabus - 
Ultimate Trainers?

Ultimate Technical and skill trainer: Joffrey Hion
mix fight instructor and Belgian mix fight representative

Ultimate Performance trainer: Roel Veys 
Performance (cardio & strength) trainer
nutrition instructor
mix fight student

  • Sportive people
  • Students of all Martial Arts
  • semi-pro fighters
  • pro-fighters
  • ...
No skills necessary to join the seminar, everybody is welcome!

Minimum age: 16

How to subscribe?

Send your inscription to:
phone: 0( 032)16.291551/498.517972


all day:
09:30am - 05:30pm
50 euros all in
(lunch, supplements, material, work-outs, 2 coaches, t-shirt, certificate, syllabus and fun)

half day:
09:30am - 12:30pm or 01:30pm - 05:30pm
30 euros
(supplements, material, work outs, 1 coach, t-shirt, certificate, half syllabus and fun)

  • personal heart/cardio meters(BPM) are welcome
  • personal fight material is welcome, but no obligation
  • When you subscribe, you can choose your lunch out of 3 choices:
  1. Multi-cereal sandwich with salmon, vegetables and Mexican guacamole
  2. multi-cereal sandwich with grilled chicken, vegetables and Mexican guacamole
  3. Multi-cereal sandwich with stirred eggs, vegetables and Mexican guacamole