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Established in 2001, Sports-Target was just a fraction of what it is now. At first, we only sold Belgian and European products. J-tech, Maximize, All-Stars and Twinlab were the 4 most important manufacturers put on display on our shelves.

Founder and CEO Nicolas Vits felt that the range of American products was very limited in Belgium. That's why we decided in 2002 to collaborate with a few importers of exclusively American manufacturers. On the same time, the website was launched.

Nowadays, we offer more than 40 top brands, and more are still being added. However, we do not want to overload the consumer, and only offer the best quality tested products. That's why you will never find any product of which Sports-Target is not 100% sure. We make it our duty to please every customer with his or her purchases. We can only do this by combining top quality with expertise.

Sporty greetings,

Nicolas Vits