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Supplement facts

Double Chocolate surprise/Chocolate Orange/Strawberry Cheesecake/Vanilla

Synergy-ISO-7™ is designed to assist with the 5 most important goals sought by modern-day athletes:

  1. Increase power and assist strength gains.
  2. Maximise the natural anabolic hormonal production for lean mass gains.
  3. Assist recovery and repair from a demanding training schedule.
  4. Provide the necessary energy replenishment for long and short-term requirements.
  5. Assist with healthy, vitality and sporting longevity

Who should use Synergy-ISO-7™?

Any athlete seeking the complete all-in-one solution to their supplement confusion. Any athlete seeking any or all the following:

    • Strength
    • Power
    • Added lean mass
    • Quicker recovery
    • Muscle repair
    • Quality protein intake
    • Iso-tonic recovery from long or short-duration exercise.