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 TKO CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHTING™ is the place for the real fight fan! – With TKO, you know what to expect! Whether you are a fan of wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, grappling or even pro wrestling TKO is YOUR source for 100% ACTION. With superior matchmaking, recognizable personalities, and top notch production it’s no wonder why TKO has become regarded as one of the best mixed martial art promotions on earth. Created by fight fans for fight fans, TKO has made it a mission to provide you, the fans, with the most dramatic and action packed shows around.

TKO was created to solidify this sport as the combat sport of the new century. To do so, the organization has put the emphasis on superior matchmaking, spectacular production value and guaranteed satisfaction for fight fans around the world. Fight fans have learned that they can rely on TKO for a steady flow of action packed bouts like no other event in the world.

TKO is the brainchild of one of the most prominent figures in the Canadian mixed martial arts scene. Stephane Patry has created TKO out a genuine passion for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. “From the fans to the fighters, our goal is for everyone to leave our show fulfilled” says Patry.

I always thought MMA could become very big if presented the proper way, if developed as a sport, not a freak show”. Stephane Patry has worked very closely with the CRTC in the battle to bring MMA back on Pay-Per-View in Canada and has done color commentating on numerous Pay-Per-View events for the UFC, K-1, UCC and now with TKO. He also hosts the weekly Mixed Martial Art show on the Canadian sports network, RDS. Patry’s experience in the television and combat sport industry has proved to be the back bone of the organization.

Athletes have traveled from around the world to battle it out for TKO gold and a chance to showcase their talents for a world wide audience. TKO also made it a priority to give local Canadian fighters a place in Mixed Martial Art history. The TKO rules have allowed athletes to properly display their skills in the most intense competition of them all. The TKO rule structure has also provided the fans with continuous action both standing up and on the ground. Whether it’s the best strikers or the best grapplers, TKO is the place where the true champions will find their real challenge.

TKO CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHTING is a trademark owned by PHENIX SPORTS INC., a Canadian owned and based company has its headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. TKO is Canada’s #1 Combat sports fight promotion and one of the world leaders in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). TKO produces five (5) pay-per-view events yearly that are broadcasted on Viewer’s Choice Canada (pay-per-view), Bell Express Vu (pay-per-view satellite provider) and Star Choice (pay-per-view). TKO events are also broadcasted on Canada’s Largest Sports Networks from coast to coast, in Quebec on RDS and everywhere in North-America on The Fight Network. All the events are distributed on DVD.