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TUC Teaches in Defcross Martial Arts - LEUVEN:

Monday:       19u00 - 20u30 - mixfight techniques & sparring

Tuesday:      19u00 - 20u00 - (English) boxing
                      20u00 - 21u00 - Thai boxing competition

Wednesday: 19u30 - 20u00 - functional training for fighters
(condtition, cardio & power)
                           20u30 - 22u00 - mixfight techniques & sparring

Thursday:     19u00 - 20u00 - (English) boxing
                      20u00 - 21u00 - Thai boxing competition

Friday:         19u00 - 20u30 - mixfight competition training
45min. functional training & 45min. theme-sparring)

TUC-team combines the physical needs to the skills
and the other way.

many great fighters in the past, like Bruce Lee and Ron Balicki, has understood the importance of stamina exercise too perform their skills.

Everybody who already trained in martial arts, knows that the enemies are your own condition and technical failure!

group training:

We offer this two in one package to everybody who wants the profit of it.

Our meanings are not to steal fighters of clubs, but to train with the fighter and his club. So the best is that we can work with the fighter(s) and the coach.

There are many possibilities. 

We come over to your club to chair acknowledgment, but you can also train in our facility. 

For the moment, we train in Defcross martial arts - gym . This gym offers everything we need to train at the highest level. 

The training will also be set up,personal to your needs, and to the gyms and his fighters possibilities. You can check out the training offers, by clicking on the link. 

if you want to have more information or you don't see an offer that fits for you,

than don't hesitate to contact us.
We will do everything to work something out with you and your needs. 
We are specialized in training for Thai - and kick boxers and mix fighters.