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  •  Syllabus vol I - available 26/10/2008
  •  Syllabus vol II - available 01/02/2009
  •  Syllabys vol III


 In this chapter I wil give you the essential information how to use food to improve your performance for fighting.

The information is arranged by theme:

  1. articles
  2. nutrition programs
  3. seminar syllabus
You learn what, why, when and how to eat.

You can also contact me any time when you have a question about nutrition.
I will answer you the fast as possible.
To really understand the articles and programs, you have to be familiar with the UPC principles of nutrition.
They will be teached at the seminars, but you can also read a short version on this site.
For the principles of how using nutrition to improve performance,
go to nutrition principles.