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The World Extreme Fighting (Canada) organization is looking to be the premier mixed martial arts team of fighters in North America. The World Extreme Fighting founders have developed a brand new fight team with an elite team of fighters representing various backgrounds and styles from around the world! By providing high level networking and management, the W.E.F. team is opening doors and creating opportunities for fighters nationwide! Many fighters representing the W.E.F. fight team have stepped into various organizations such as Sport Fight, Shooto, Elite Fighting Championships, and King of the Cage. Our fighters have been granted main event slots and nation wide television coverage.

The World Extreme Fighting Fight Team and Management is currently accepting applicants to be sponsored, represented and managed by the World Extreme Fighting team

. World Extreme Fighting is also proud to unveil it’s brand new clothing line featuring the “Sillhouette” style of W.E.F. character prints on it’s t-shirts, long sleeves and ever popular hoodies! We will also continue to sell our original, full color “Classik” style clothing line to cater to a wider range of consumer! We will be releasing a complete clothing line from head to toe in the near future!

The World Extreme Fighting organization returns in 2006 where Champions will be declared and Stars will be born.